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5/24/2016 8:46:32 AM

Interval info-exchange seminar “Future looks bright for the timeshare industry”

Today, The Newspaper for Country St. Maarten released an article that discusses how crucial it is for the timeshare industry in St. Maarten to have established legislation. Howard Nusbaum, President and CEO of ARDA, said, "the comfort of knowing what the rules are is as important as what the rules are."

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5/12/2016 2:05:32 PM

Is a Timeshare Vacation a Good Value?

The March 2016 issue of Consumer Reports delves into whether timeshare vacations are a good value. They examine the costs of vacationing at the Disney World Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando, Florida from two perspectives renting and owning.

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5/12/2016 1:54:47 PM

The Timeshare Comes of Age

The February 2016 issue of Consumer Reports takes a closer look at how the Timeshare industry has evolved over the years, from its start to how younger families see it today.

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